BJJ Training Camps & Vacations, since 2010.

If you’re looking for a Training Camp Vacation and you’re hooked on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, or any of the Grappling Arts, then we invite you to experience The Grappler’s Retreat!

Located in Northern California on the isolated Mendocino Coast, The Grappler’s Retreat provides a world-class training experience in one of North America’s most spectacular natural settings. We offer week-long vacations for grapplers seeking to meet and train with elite BJJ and Sambo instructors, along with fellow practitioners from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.  We are a “zero-politics” training camp — all are welcome, regardless of affiliation. It’s all about high-level training, mutual exchange, and enjoying your vacation at these incredible gatherings!

The early days!: read the 2011 BJJLegends interview with Grappler’s Retreat founder Alex Aftandilians

Getting Away from it all at the Grappler’s Retreat!

All of our BJJ camps and Sambo camps are hosted at our private Retreat compound. The Retreat encompasses 2-acres on the edge of a great Redwood Forest, and is located less than a mile from the rugged cliffs of the secluded Mendocino Coast. If you’re looking to get away from the city and experience nature, you will love it here–the setting is absolutely awesome!

With the newly built dojo, clubhouse, cabins, and spa, The Grappler’s Retreat combines modern luxury with raw Pacific northwest wilderness.

While many other BJJ camps transform hotel conference centers to meet their needs, we’ve built a dedicated training sanctuary focused strictly on hosting our gatherings, and the place is simply incredible! Read more about our location. You could spend the whole week here: relaxing in one of the hot tubs between training sessions, chilling in the clubhouse watching a movie after some good rolls with the instructors–but if you get the urge and want to break away from The Retreat, you can always take a 15 minute stroll into the historic village of Mendocino and grab a drink at the local pub or have a gourmet meal at one of the villages fine restaurants.

The Mendocino coast headlands, an amazing place to catch the sunset, about a mile walk from The Retreat.