Upcoming BJJ Training Camps

Our Training camp with Gokor will conclude our 2017 events schedule. We plan to host several short Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camps and Sambo camps in 2018, with instructors including Vlad Koulikov, Nic Gregoriades, Karen Darabedyan, Gokor Chivichyan, and others. 2018 will also be a big construction year for us, as we expand our facilities and make necessary  upgrades for hosting week-long vacation events!

Please drop us a message if you’d like to be kept updated on our schedule and our grand “re-opening” in late 2018.


Gokor Chivichyan is back on September 9th – 10th for his two-day seminar at Grappler’s Retreat! This time he brings his black belt protege, Karen Darabedyan, to assist.  Every seminar of his has been an incredible experience, and this one could be the best yet.

Each day consists of 90 minutes of instruction from Gokor followed by 30 minutes of sparring. After training on the second day is a barbecue and hangout at The Retreat with Gokor and Karen; keep your Sunday afternoon open so you can hang out and get to know these two incredible people!

This Event is sold out… Please check back for future Retreats!

Saturday, September 9th

6:00pm–7:30pm - Technical Instruction

7:30pm–8:00pm - Open Mat/Sparring

Sunday, September 10th

10:30am–12:00pm - Technical Instruction

12:00pm–12:30pm - Open Mat/Sparring

1:00pm–3:00pm - Barbecue