The Mendocino coast headlands at sunset (left). The Dojo at The Grappler’s Retreat compound (right).

The Grappler’s Retreat is located less than a mile from the rugged cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean on northern California’s Mendocino coast. Our property sits in a natural clearing on the edge of a great Redwood Forest, bordered by nearly 50,000 acres of rugged Pacific Northwest wilderness.

The serenity of the forest-lands surrounding The Retreat is unparalleled, and provides a truly epic training experience for those seeking an escape from the City.


About a mile walk from The Retreat, you find yourself in the historic village of Mendocino, built in the mid-1800s on a rugged coastal headland overlooking the Pacific. The cliffs surrounding the village remain undeveloped, covered in wildflowers, and offer an awesome vista from which to view the sunset.

The historic village of Mendocino sits on the headlands overlooking the Pacific. The village is about a 15 minute walk from The Retreat; filled with art galleries, restaurants, and pubs, it’s a great place to visit after a long day of training!

Today, this historically preserved village is scattered with unique restaurants, pubs, and grocers.  The village offers everything you’ll need to ensure a comfortable experience on this remote stretch of the northern California coast.

Nic Gregoriades: Black Belt Jiu Jitsu skills… White Belt barbecue skills!