Private Lessons

Private Lesson with Alex Aftandilians: $100/Hour

IMG_0042webPrivate lessons allow the instructor to tailor the lesson exclusively to the individual. For Beginners, private lessons offer a controlled and gradual introduction to the art. For Intermediate and Advanced practitioners, private lessons provide an opportunity to sharpen skill-sets and learn new strategies in an individualized and focused instructional setting.

IMG_0147webPrivate lessons can be taught in a variety of ways, depending on the interests and the skill level of the student. The session can be limited to technical instruction. Some students, however, also benefit from coaching through controlled sparring.

Beginners are encouraged to utilize private lessons to sharpen their grasp of basic grappling concepts and techniques (i.e. the fundamentals). Intermediate and Advanced level students should look to learn from Alex’s unique background in Hayastan Grappling.

IMG_0094webGeneral topics that Alex has often been asked to review with more advanced grapplers include leglock strategies, set-ups and finishes, and the kesa gatame position (an aggressive judo position that has been uniquely adapted for submission grappling). Furthermore, intermediate and advanced grapplers should share positions that they are having trouble dealing with in order to get Alex’s unique perspective on the situation.


Feel free to contact Alex to discuss your training goals and to schedule an appointment.